Lyn and Vicki have provided an excellent preschool experience at Lyndhurst Preschool. Our son has thoroughly enjoyed the two and a half years he has spent there. Not only are there great activities and themes throughout the year, but perhaps more importantly, Lyn and Vicki work to instill values in the children. The children are always encouraged to remember their manners, to listen and to share. We have been really happy with both the social and academic development which we have seen in our son over this time and feel that his preschool years have been enriched by attending Lyndhurst. Thank you Lyn and Vicki!
—Caroline and Marcin Chady 2013

Thank you for a wonderful first year of preschool. Erica loves going and never wants to miss a day. When she is asked what she did in school, the answer she often gives is “played”.  I smile at this because I know that she is doing much more than just playing.  It’s that she perceives her time at school as play that is a testament to your expertise, hard work and thoughtful planning. So thank you for a great start to Erica’s years of school. I look forward to next year!
—Erin Parker 2013

We absolutely love Lyndhurst Preschool! Two of my sons have attended Lyndhurst in both the 3 and 4 year old classes and they both love it too. The program itself is great. The kids are always engaged in a variety of activities and there are new themes each month. The structure they follow works really well – free time (kids choice, but there is always an adult-directed activity to choose if the child wants) followed by books, carpet time, shared snack and outdoor play if it’s not raining. Lyn and Vicki are fabulous too and my boys love them both. They possess the amazing ability to be totally nurturing and supportive while at the same time build a sense of independence and confidence in each child. They truly care for the children and take the time to get to know your child and your family. I would highly recommend Lyndhurst Preschool to anyone!
—Sandra and Harv Mankoo 2012

Over the last two years, our sons have had been attending Lyndhurst Preschool. In a clean and bright environment, they have learned beginning literacy and math skills through a variety of themes and activities. The boys have especially enjoyed the special activities they have brought in (eg. Science and sport workshops; breakfast with Santa). They have also developed an appreciation for cooperation and teamwork, and an understanding of the importance of manners and respect for others. As a result of their amazing experience at Lyndhurst Preschool, we are confident that our sons are ready for kindergarten this September. Thank you Lyn and Vicki!
—Jennifer and Darryl Koe 2012

My 5-year old will shortly be leaving Lyndhurst Preschool, after two very wonderful years, in the preparation for Kindergarten. Felix has developmental delays due to lots of neurosurgery during infancy.  Lyn & Vicki’s seasoned experience and knowledge on pre-schoolers of allabilities, but especially children with varied special needs, made me confident in placing him at the school.  Nothing flusters them. Watching Felix’s speech development, social development, artistic and educational development move forward at such a steady pace, is testament to the work Lyn and Vicki do. Felix looks forward to preschool, and bringing home his creations – whether it’s his birthday playdoh cupcake, or several weeks worth of penguin art is our favourite ritual after every session.   Today, he showed me the anatomy of the respiratory system and could tell me about the stomach, ribs,lungs and heart. Wow.
—Caroline Harries, 2012

My daughter loved going to this preschool and cried when she couldn’t go during holidays and when she was sick. The two teachers were very sensitive to her unique personality, and gave enough flexibility for her to be herself. Spacious classroom with lots of tables with many different activities. Toys get rotated in and out throughout the year for variety. Themes of the month provide some continuity in learning, and learning alphabet, numbers, etc are incorporated in all the kids do for fun. Snacks are shared with everyone, which I think is great because that way kids get to try different foods and don’t get jealous, wishing that they got a different snack. The teachers cut up the fruits and serve on large platters. Playground is great, with lots of tricycles, sand, and toys. No field trips, at least for the 3 yr old class, but they do make each special day of the year (Halloween, Christmas, Valentines, etc) lots of fun, with face painting, etc. Paid $105 for 2 mornings a week, very reasonable.
—Submitted to 2010