Welcome Autumn!!

The three year old class appear to be managing the routines well and we are hoping to begin a theme around the “Brown Bear, Brown Bear” books soon.

The four year old class are discovering their 5 senses.  So far we have covered our sense of sight and hearing.  Next will be our sense of smell.

"Ears of corn painting!

“Ears of corn painting!



Halloween will be a low key event.  This year we will be touching on Halloween lightly in the week prior to October 31st with songs, games and crafts.  On Tuesday, Oct 31st we will have special snack and face painting to celebrate during the morning class. The four year old class may wear costumes in the afternoon if they choose.  Please keep in mind that it gets warm in the preschool and we would not want to loose any accessories during class time.

Please sign up for special snack once during the school year.  No individual snack is required this day.  Sign up sheets will be posted the week before Halloween.


As the weather is surely supposed to change a lot of children will be coming in boots and other accessories.  Please label all clothing as many have the same items and some may not even recognize their own!  Children may change into indoor shoes or slippers if they choose when wearing boots.



We appreciate a phone call or message when your child will be absent from preschool due to illness, holiday or appointments.  You many leave a message at the school at 604-421-6113 or send an email to vicki@lyndhurstpreschool.com.


We will be sending out Scholastic Book Club magazines for anyone interested in purchasing low cost children’s books.  We appreciate when parents purchase books as it allows Lyndhurst Preschool to purchase books and supplies through a bonus point system.