Dear Parents

We wanted to reach out to all families with regards to our concerns and precautions to do with the COVID19 and the overall health of your children.

We are receiving updates as necessary from Frazer Health and the BC Office of the Provincial Health Officer and are following their recommendations which include;

**Continual proper handwashing

**Sanitizing/bleaching of all surfaces including washrooms

**Cleaning toys regularly

One other precaution that we will be implementing after Spring Break is that your child bring their own individual snack, in a labelled container, to preschool each day.  We would suggest that your child be given a variety of food within their own container.  Until further notice we will not being having a shared snack.

When we return water bottles on Friday afternoons please ensure that they are well sanitized over the weekend before returning them to the preschool Tuesday mornings.

When should your child stay home from preschool?  Cold viruses can be in the mucus or saliva and children can spread it by touching each other or by touching objects, such as toys, tables and equipment.

We have had a few children in the preschool recently with a continual runny nose.  It has been a challenge for us to stay on top of this, ensuring noses are wiped properly and therefore not spreading germs.

We are asking parents to be really diligent due to the current concerns and keep your child at home if they are not feeling well.

We thank you in advance for taking these concerns seriously.

Lyn and Vicki