Three year old Christmas Celebration —                                                                 Thursday, December 21    9:15 – 11:15                                                                        This will be the last day of class before Christmas.

Four year old Breakfast with Santa —                                                                           Friday, December 22  9:15 – 11:15                                                                                   This will be the last day of class before Christmas

As we hire age appropriate entertainment  the Friday morning class will attend on Thursday,  December 21 with the three year old class.

Lyndhurst Preschool will re open on Tuesday, January 9th.

SANTA GIFTS —  As we invite Santa to visit on our Christmas celebration days we ask that each parent provide a small gift for your child.  This needs to be wrapped, labelled (with your child’s name) and discreetly handed in to the preschool as soon as possible and no later than December 15th.  

If your child is unable to attend the celebrations please let the preschool know so we can send the relevant items home early.

NEW STAFF MEMBER– In our 3 year old class we have hired a support worker, Stacey, to assist a child with extra needs.  Stacey has all the necessary qualifications for this position and to work in our centre.

COMMUNICABLE DISEASES NOTIFICATION —  At any time that we have information to share regarding health issues (i.e. lice, chicken pox or other infectious diseases) we will notify you by putting a notice on the doors used at dismissal.


We have enjoyed all of the “Brown Bear” books by Eric Carle series and ended the month with a visit with Jenn from Cameron library.




The afternoon class enjoyed their “Apple Marshmallow” teeth, brushing away sugar bugs and catching all our germs, along with learning the differences between healthy snacks and treats.

Hopefully all of our healthy habits the children have learned during the month of November will continue over the holiday season.

December will be filled with Christmas crafts, songs, stories and games.