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Month: January 2020

Snow Days

Lyndhurst Preschool will close if the Burnaby School District closes its schools. We realize that a lot of you walk to school however there are some families driving a fair distance in order to get here.  I personally come from Maple Ridge and will do my best to get to Burnaby however “Safety First”.

Check this website for updates on school closures.  We will post as soon as possible.

January Newsletter

Happy New Year!!  Hoping everyone had a joyous Christmas season with family and friends.  Looking forward to 2020 and continuing our new program in the New Year.

A big thank you to parents who supplied snack for our Christmas celebration.  It was enjoyed by all.  An additional thank you to all children and families who gave us  such wonderful gifts.  They were greatly appreciated and helped to make our Christmas special.

The weather has been unpredictable the last few weeks and looking into the forecast that trend seems to be continuing.  Perhaps there is even snow in the future…  Please make sure all of your children’s winter attire is labelled as many have similar items.  We will try to make it outside to play most days but will use our discretion if the weather looks unbearable and in place we will have some active indoor time.

We will be bringing the cold weather indoors this month focusing on winter, penguins and polar bears.  Whether it snows outside or not we will bring snow into the preschool with some great “fake” snow recipes.

Please mark Friday, February 7th on your calendar for class and individual photos. Class photos will be free to you and you have the option to purchase individual photos after looking at the proofs.  There is no obligation to purchase any pictures.

Due to the increase response to our new program and the abundance of inquiries we will be asking you to commit to your child attending Lyndhurst Preschool next September by the end of this month.  More information will be handed out to all families.

As I figured out my photo upload problem I will be inundating you with photos taken the last few months at preschool.  Enjoy!!

Sunny Days and Rainy Days

Sensory Fun


Puppet Shows

This and That

Zox of the Forest-  In the first series the children are acting out the Gingerbread man.  The next set Zox is putting on a puppet show and you can see by the faces that the children thought he was hilarious.  Finally are some singing and movement photos.

A Visit with Santa

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