Dear Parents

We hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer.  Before we know it September will be here and our new preschool program will be starting.

Just a few requirements for September….

  1. Please provide a small water bottle to be kept at the school.  Ensure your child’s name is clearly on the outside with permanent marker.  These will be sent home each Friday and returned Tuesday.  We will fill them daily with fresh filtered water.
  2. As we are required to be outside for 45 minutes each day, we will require all children to have “muddy buddies” in their backpacks everyday as the weather is unpredictable. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked inside rain gear.
  3. As the weather changes children will need to come in rubber boots and change into indoor shoes or slippers.  These can be left at school.  Again, please have your child’s name inside all footwear.
  4. As we have a shared snack during the morning please provide one portion of a snack in a container, labeled with your child’s name, that we will return each day.  We are trying to be environmentally friendly and avoid the use of plastic Ziploc bags and packaging.

If your child is experiencing separation and adjustment difficulties and it would not be in your child’s best interest for this to continue for too long, we will contact you for early pick up and extend the time gradually to best suit the needs of your child as we want this to be a pleasant experience.

As this is the first group email of the school year if you could please confirm that you have received this and that this is the best email to correspond with you.  Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, September 10th at 9:15.

Lyn and Vicki
Lyndhurst Preschool