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Month: January 2017

February Newsletter

As January came in with a blast—-a snow blast that is, we quickly adapted our theme to include some snow fun before “dancing in our white shoes, or red shoes or blue shoes” with Pete the Cat.

We then incorporated Chinese New Year into our program. Gung Hay Fat Choy! Next we will be celebrating Valentines in our classroom. Please see the notes below with the particulars.



Friday, February 10th for our Friday morning class

Tuesday, February 14th for our three and four year classes.

If your child wishes to give Valentine’s to their classmates please hand in cards with only your child’s name in the “from” area as this is much easier for us to deliver cards to their friends.   Please leave the “TO” space blank.

There are 19 classmates in the four year old class, 19 classmates in the three year old class and 15 in the Friday morning class.

There will be a Valentine mail box in the preschool where the children can mail these cards to their friends.

Could we please have volunteers to sign up for special snack if you have not already do so this year? Thanks!


We will be having our photos taken from M.O. Photography on Thursday, February 23 and Friday, February 24th.   Everyone will be given an opportunity to view proofs of their child’s photo before deciding to purchase.


Lyndhurst Preschool will be closed from March 11 till March 26 for Spring Break.


We have started registration for our fall programs. If you know of anyone interest in our preschool please direct them to our website or have them call the preschool at 604-421-6113.


These will be handed out by the end of February. If a replacement receipt is needed there will be a $10 fee applied.




The Great Snowball Melting Experiment

During one of our afternoon circle times we were discussing the weather and the very cold temperatures outside.  They have really missed our outdoor play and don’t quite get our concerns for safety with the icy conditions.

We were discussing how the snow melts and came up with a variety of reasons as well as ways to help it along.  We put a few of these ideas to a test and watched snowballs melt.

We used a measuring cup to keep the snowballs uniform and left one alone to melt. The children thought that if we poured hot chocolate on the snow it would help it melt however we substituted hot water.  During our circle the day before we talked about parents salting their sidewalks so we put coarse salt on the third snowball.

All seemed to enjoy checking the snowballs every fifteen minutes and yes hot chocolate would be the fastest!




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