FREE CHOICE TIME is approximately one hour at the start of class where your child may choose any play area and will be encouraged to participate in the art project offered that day.

Clean Up Time

is when we encourage children to tidy up in the area they were playing in.

LIBRARY TIME provides the opportunity for your child to pick their own book to look at which   develops imagination and early reading skills.

CIRCLE TIME is a time to sing songs, finger play, tell a story or share our feelings and opinions.   This is a time for children to improve their verbal and listening skills while building confidence   in a group situation.

SNACK TIME gives children an opportunity to practice table manners, sharing and a chance to   boost their energy for the afternoon.

OUTSIDE TIME is the last 15-20 minutes of the day where the children socialize in a different   environment. The playground is an opportunity to develop and control   large muscles. As an alternative, we will play games or a musical activity inside.