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December Newsletter

We are having a difficult time believing that December is already here and Christmas is just around the corner!  Hoping you all enjoy the festivities that come with the season.

Below are dates for our Christmas Celebrations and school closures.


All three year olds (and a little bit younger) are invited to join us at our Christmas Celebration on Thursday, December 20th from 9:15 – 11:15.  Jen from Cameron library will be entertaining us with her story telling, music and movement. After special snack we will be having a visit from Santa before heading home for the holidays. This will be the last day of class  until we reopen on Tuesday, January 8th.

Could we please have parents volunteer for special snack?  Sign up sheets will be posted by the end of this week.


Our four year old class will be having their Christmas Celebration on Friday, Dec. 21 from 9;15 – 11:15.  Santa’s Elves from High Touch High Tech Science Lab will be visiting with lots of interesting experiments for us to participate in.  We will be having special snack with Santa before ending with a music and movement time with St, Nicholas joining in.  This will be the last day of class until we reopen on Tuesday, January 8th.

Could we please have parents volunteer for special snack?  Sign up sheets will be posted by the end of this week.




Photo Gallery

Our fall display with the addition of the children’s art work.






October Newsletter

PRESCHOOL HAPPENINGS-We hope everyone had an enjoyable Halloween.  Keeping it low key yet fun at the preschool seemed to be appreciated by all.  We filled our days with pumpkins, pumpkins and more pumpkins.  Stories, songs,and books about pumpkins.  We also made our own paper bag pumpkin patch and created many pumpkins on the art tables and with play dough.  On the last day we carved out the inside of a pumpkin and then roasted and tasted the seeds keeping a few to plant next spring.

During the month of November we will be exploring spiders and then discovering the many animals that hibernate.  Stay tuned!

WEATHER-We keep thinking the rainy season is upon us and then we get some more lovely sunny days but we think they may be coming to an end.  We still hope to get outside most days so please dress your child in appropriate coats and  easy slip on rubber boots.  Feel free to send extra shoes or slippers (to be kept in their back packs) to change into.  Please label all boots and extra shoes as many of the children have the same taste in footwear.


Thursday, December 20th– Christmas Celebration for all 3 Year Olds  9:15 – 11:15

Friday, December 21st — Christmas Celebration for all 4 Year Olds  9:15 – 11:15

More information about these celebrations to come.

Lyndhurst Preschool will be closed from December 22 and re open on Tuesday, January 8th.

***Unfortunately we are having difficulty uploading our photos but will post a notice on the preschool doors when we get this issue fixed ***


October Newsletter

The year has started very successfully.  Our returning students are happy to be back and our new children are settling in nicely.

As the weather will be changing soon can we request that children wear easy slip on rain boots (labelled with your child’s name) and if wanted they can change into indoor shoes/slippers.  We will still be going outside once the weather changes and fall settles in.  The children are enjoying the outdoor kitchen which has access to water and the ability to create “mud pies” so please dress children accordingly.

SNACK–Thank you to all parents who have been labelling containers.  Please DO NOT cut up fruit prior to preschool.  We find it gets mushy and brown and it not very appealing to the children when presented at snack time.

ABSENSES–If your child will be absent due to illness or vacation please inform the preschool by either email, or text 604-861-9198.

OCTOBER HAPPENINGS– Autumn has arrived and with it the changing seasons.  We will be incorporating the harvest, leaves and pumpkins into our program along with the fall colours and circle and oval shapes.

On Tuesday, October 30th we will have face painting and a special treat at snack time.




OUR TREE–We have “adopted ” a maple tree just outside the preschool yard.  The afternoon class will be observing in throughout the school year in relation to the changing seasons.  On our first observation the children commented that it..

—was kind of like an umbrella

—was 100 meters tall or at least as tall as daddy

—was cold and mossy

—that the leaves were green in the tree but brown and yellow on the ground.

Stay tuned!

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