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October Newsletter

October Newsletter

Welcome to the first month with the new protocols. Your children seem to be adapting well to the new changes.  We are asking parents to bear with us as this is new to us as well and we are assessing and adjusting the program so as to meet the needs of all of your children.

Thank you to all parents who have worked hard with your children over the past six months.  They are aware of all the rules pertaining to hygiene required at this time.

We are encouraging independence in your children having them take off boots and jackets and find their own indoor shoes.  We will assist if necessary.

Please send your child in boots.  These are not only easy for your child to take off and put on they are necessary for our daily outdoor play as the yard is very wet and muddy.  Label all boots, preferably on the outside, as we do have doubles of the same style.

If we could get all muddy buddies (and rain gear) to be labelled on the outside so as not to have confusion as to which one belongs to who we would appreciate this. These are not to be worn when arriving.  We will assist with putting them on at the end of the session.

When to keep your child home from school…If your child does not fall under the Covid protocols but only has a runny nose they are able to attend preschool providing they are capable of wiping their own nose or able to ask for assistance.  If we find that they are unable to manage we will contact you to pick up your child.  We will follow the guidelines of Dr. Bonnie Henry should the protocols change.

Please text us at 604 861 9198 if your child will not be coming to school.  If for any reason your child will be late for preschool you must text us to make arrangements for us to meet you at the gate.  We ask that parents do not come into the preschool centre.

Your child has come home with a green Dollarama bag with their name on the outside.  Please make sure these bags are returned to the preschool Tuesday mornings.  Artwork will go home at the end of each week.

Our goal is to build our program around the interests of the children.  We have always ascribed to the value of play and learning through play while introducing a variety of concepts to the children.

In keeping with our philosophy of not focusing on specific themes, especially around the holidays, and basing our curriculum around the four seasons.  An example of this would be emphasizing more on the colour orange, pumpkins and circles rather than jack o lanterns and Halloween.

Below are assorted photos of individual play, parallel play and group play.  All are very important in the development of your child.  Enjoy!



Spring Photos

Fun in the Sun!

Lyndhurst Preschool Salon

This and That

Gardening Fun  

I took the extra spider plants home and with a little TLC they have been thriving.  Hoping to bring them back to the centre when we can open.  How have yours been doing?

Birthday Chia Pets

For my birthday my granddaughters made these chia pets for me.  The head is made from a soil ball with seeds on top inside an old nylon.  I believe the nose was fashioned first and tied on the bottom which is hidden inside the plant pot. The girls painted the pots and added a mouth and then glued on google eyes. Just in case you are looking for a project!!

Covid 19

A message to all of our families

After careful consideration and with respect for the safety of your children and your families we are closing the preschool temporarily due to the Covid19 virus. We will not be depositing your April first cheques. Moving forward it will be a month to month decision as we see how things unfold.

Should you need to contact us please feel free to give us a call.
Lyn 604 421 4737     Vicki 604 861 9198

Keep safe, keep healthy and keep your distance.

Lyn and Vicki


Health Concerns Around the COVID19 Virus

Dear Parents

We wanted to reach out to all families with regards to our concerns and precautions to do with the COVID19 and the overall health of your children.

We are receiving updates as necessary from Frazer Health and the BC Office of the Provincial Health Officer and are following their recommendations which include;

**Continual proper handwashing

**Sanitizing/bleaching of all surfaces including washrooms

**Cleaning toys regularly

One other precaution that we will be implementing after Spring Break is that your child bring their own individual snack, in a labelled container, to preschool each day.  We would suggest that your child be given a variety of food within their own container.  Until further notice we will not being having a shared snack.

When we return water bottles on Friday afternoons please ensure that they are well sanitized over the weekend before returning them to the preschool Tuesday mornings.

When should your child stay home from preschool?  Cold viruses can be in the mucus or saliva and children can spread it by touching each other or by touching objects, such as toys, tables and equipment.

We have had a few children in the preschool recently with a continual runny nose.  It has been a challenge for us to stay on top of this, ensuring noses are wiped properly and therefore not spreading germs.

We are asking parents to be really diligent due to the current concerns and keep your child at home if they are not feeling well.

We thank you in advance for taking these concerns seriously.

Lyn and Vicki



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