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Three Year Old Easter Celebration

Easter is one of my favourite celebrations with the children.  They all seem to enjoy getting their faces painted, playing all the games and of course the Easter egg hunt.  Too bad the weather didn’t cooperate to parade through the neighbourhood and look for eggs!

Library Visit from Jen

The three year old class enjoyed a visit with Jen from Cameron Library.  Jen always comes with a basket of goodies including lots of great books, action songs and felt board stories.  IMG_0336




Skittles are not just for eating.  The four year old class did this fun science activity with skittles and warm water.  Like the commercial “taste the rainbow”! Only at Lyndhurst Preschool first you make your designs and patterns, then you add warm water and watch the rainbows appear and last you taste the rainbow.

Valentines Celebrations

Friday Morning Class


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