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May Newsletter

We will continue exploring “healthy habits” this month with the focus on nutrition.

A newsletter has been distributed with suggestions for snack.  We have been getting an abundance of cracker lately, especially fish crackers, and would like to ask parents to be a little more imaginative with snack choices.

This will lead into planting and gardening…the roots of our food.  If you have any extra small plant pots or seeds we would appreciate any donations.

Year End Dates

Thursday, June 20 for 3 year old morning class.
Friday, June 21 for Friday morning mixed class.
Friday, June 21 for the afternoon class.

Year End picnic will be on Tuesday, June 25 from 11-1.  More information  about these dates and year end activities closer to the dates.

Morning class photos

Afternoon photos

February Newsletter

During the month of February we will be continuing to  focus on winter as well as incorporating the colours of red and pink, the heart shape and healthy habits into the program.

In keeping with our aim not to focus on the commercialism of the holidays we will be keeping Valentines’s Day very low key.  We will be offering face painting and have a special treat at snack time on February 14th.  We ask that children do not bring Valentine cards for their friends.  Instead we will be focusing on the friendship aspect throughout the month.



Thursday, February 21 for the 3 and 4 Year old class

Friday, February 22 for the Friday morning class


Lyndhurst Preschool will be closed from March 18 – 29 opening on Tuesday, April 2.


Lyndhurst Preschool will be closed on Friday, April 19th


Please dress your child appropriately for going out in the yard each day including boots (labeled with your child’s name inside)


A friendly reminder to label snack containers as they don’t always recognize the container that they brought that day.  Thank you.

Announcing Changes at Lyndhurst Preschool

Due to the increased demand for an extended preschool session Lyndhurst Preschool will be operating a 3 day a week program on Tuesdays, Thursday sand Fridays for 3 ¼ hours from 9:15 to 12:30.  This program will accommodate 3 and 4 year old children.

Our current areas of the preschool program will be expanded in addition to extra calendar and phonics, nature walks, science and math activities and music and movement.

The cost of this program will be $350 a month with a registration fee of $75. The provincial government is currently offering an Affordable Child Care Benefit.  Families earning up to $111K may be eligible for these savings.  The website is  This site also has an online estimator.

It has always been our priority to offer a quality program providing the children with an environment that creates the love of learning and we will endeavour to continue to do so.

If you know of any families who may be interested in our program please direct them to this website or have them call the preschool at 604 861 9198.





January Newsletter

Wishing everyone a Happy New Year!  We hope you all enjoyed the holidays and time with family and friends.

We would like to thank everyone who gave us gifts. They were really appreciated and we enjoyed all of the treats over the holidays.

Below are lots of pictures of different activities during the month of December.  I have divided them into the morning and afternoon groups.  Enjoy!



It was difficult to choose just one group photo with Santa!



December Newsletter

We are having a difficult time believing that December is already here and Christmas is just around the corner!  Hoping you all enjoy the festivities that come with the season.

Below are dates for our Christmas Celebrations and school closures.


All three year olds (and a little bit younger) are invited to join us at our Christmas Celebration on Thursday, December 20th from 9:15 – 11:15.  Jen from Cameron library will be entertaining us with her story telling, music and movement. After special snack we will be having a visit from Santa before heading home for the holidays. This will be the last day of class  until we reopen on Tuesday, January 8th.

Could we please have parents volunteer for special snack?  Sign up sheets will be posted by the end of this week.


Our four year old class will be having their Christmas Celebration on Friday, Dec. 21 from 9;15 – 11:15.  Santa’s Elves from High Touch High Tech Science Lab will be visiting with lots of interesting experiments for us to participate in.  We will be having special snack with Santa before ending with a music and movement time with St, Nicholas joining in.  This will be the last day of class until we reopen on Tuesday, January 8th.

Could we please have parents volunteer for special snack?  Sign up sheets will be posted by the end of this week.




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