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December Newsletter

Brrrr!  The weather is getting chilly which was perfect to learn about hibernation last month.  Not only do bears hibernate but so do many other animals. We hope your children have shared some information that they have learned with you.

Unfortunately I am unable to upload photos so stay tuned for some great pics of our den, bear games, art projects and outdoor play time.

During the month of December we will be focusing on reindeers with songs, crafts, stories and hopefully a visit from “Randy the Reindeer”

Friday, December 20—-Christmas Celebration
We will be entertained by Zox of the Forest who will take your child on a magical journey through skits, storytelling, puppetry and music.

This will be followed by games and activities and special snack leading up to a visit from Santa before going home for the holidays.  Could we please have parents sign up for snack?  No additional snack will be needed that day.

We ask that your child leave their backpacks at home on the last day along with umbrellas, gloves, hats and any other extras.

Lyndhurst Preschool will be closed after our Christmas celebration until Tuesday, January 7, 2020



November Newsletter

Your children have responded really well to our new program.  In the opening circle they have learned to update the calendar and monitor the weather.  Later in the morning they are working on phonics and the alphabet.  The older children are mentoring their peers with recognition and beginning sounds of letters.

On Friday mornings we have been going on nature walks through our neighbourhood.  As your children learn to walk safely with partners we will explore a little farther.

As you are aware we kept Halloween activities to a minimum and focused on the colour orange, circles and ovals and pumpkins.  Your children were very interested in the life cycle of pumpkins and appeared to enjoy the end of Halloween with roasted pumpkin seeds and pumpkin muffins.  We kept the muffins till November 1 and they seemed more excited about that than the treats on Halloween day! Be sure to check out all the photos at the end of the newsletter.

We appreciate the parents encouraging their children to be independent in the morning as they arrive.  It is really paying off as your child easily goes about their routine with their snack, shoes and signing in.  Another reminder to send your child in boots everyday and to make sure they have indoor shoes that will stay at the preschool.

If anyone has access to paper, wood scraps, buttons or anything else you might think useful for the preschool and are willing to donate it would be much appreciated.

A friendly reminder to think creatively for snack as we are getting an abundance of crackers the last few weeks.

Children attending Lyndhurst Preschool who are eligible to attend preschool next year are automatically guaranteed a space in our program.  As we are already getting inquiries for next year please let us know if there are siblings wanting to register for our preschool as they will get priority.

Our nature walks…

Pumpkins, Pumpkins and more Pumpkins

More October Fun

October Newsletter

Welcome to the first month of our new program. Your children seem to be adapting well to the new changes and longer hours.  We are asking parents to bear with us as this is new to us as well and we are assessing and adjusting the program so as to meet the needs of all of your children.

We are encouraging independence in your children having them take off boot and jackets and find their own indoor shoes.  We will assist if necessary.

Please send your child in boots.  These are not only easy for your child to take off and put on they are necessary for our daily outdoor play as the yard is very wet and muddy.  Label all boots preferably on the outside as we do have doubles of the same style.

If we could get all muddy buddies (and rain gear) to be labelled on the outside so as not to have confusion as to which one belongs to who we would appreciate this.

Water bottles are to be brought to the preschool on Tuesday and will stay at the centre until Friday when they will go home for a good wash.  We will fill them up as necessary throughout the week.

Thank you to all parents sending snack in labelled reusable containers.  It is really cutting down on garbage!  A reminder that we are a peanut and nut free centre as we do have children with allergies.

Our goal is to build our program around the interests of the children.  We have always ascribed to the value of play and learning through play while introducing a variety of concepts to the children.

In keeping with our philosophy of not focusing on specific themes, especially around the holidays, we will be basing our curriculum around the four seasons.  An example of this would be emphasizing more on the colour orange, pumpkins and circles rather than jack o lanterns and Halloween.  As Halloween falls on a Thursday, we ask that parents not send their children in costume.  We will be doing games, face painting and have a special treat for snack.

Finally, we will be dismissing from outside, on a trial basis, on Tuesday and Thursdays and from inside the centre on Fridays after handing out all artwork and returning water bottles.





Summer Newsletter

Dear Parents

We hope everyone is having an enjoyable summer.  Before we know it September will be here and our new preschool program will be starting.

Just a few requirements for September….

  1. Please provide a small water bottle to be kept at the school.  Ensure your child’s name is clearly on the outside with permanent marker.  These will be sent home each Friday and returned Tuesday.  We will fill them daily with fresh filtered water.
  2. As we are required to be outside for 45 minutes each day, we will require all children to have “muddy buddies” in their backpacks everyday as the weather is unpredictable. Please make sure your child’s name is clearly marked inside rain gear.
  3. As the weather changes children will need to come in rubber boots and change into indoor shoes or slippers.  These can be left at school.  Again, please have your child’s name inside all footwear.
  4. As we have a shared snack during the morning please provide one portion of a snack in a container, labeled with your child’s name, that we will return each day.  We are trying to be environmentally friendly and avoid the use of plastic Ziploc bags and packaging.

If your child is experiencing separation and adjustment difficulties and it would not be in your child’s best interest for this to continue for too long, we will contact you for early pick up and extend the time gradually to best suit the needs of your child as we want this to be a pleasant experience.

As this is the first group email of the school year if you could please confirm that you have received this and that this is the best email to correspond with you.  Thank you.

Looking forward to seeing everyone on Tuesday, September 10th at 9:15.

Lyn and Vicki
Lyndhurst Preschool


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